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  • HESA Student Staff Ratios (SSR)

    The student: staff ratio (SSR) is designed to show the total number of students per member of academic teaching staff. The SSR is calculated using the student and staff...
  • HESA Finance Record

    The Finance record is collected annually from all UK publicly funded higher education institutions (HEIs) and a number of alternative providers (APs), collectively referred to...
  • HESA Student Record

    The Student record is collected in respect of all students registered at the reporting provider who follow courses that lead to the award of a qualification or provider credit....
  • Jisc Bands

    Jisc bands by UKPRN Heidi Labs Information Tableau data-source labels common-jisc-bands
  • Regional Group Memberships

    Membership of regional groups by UKPRN. Heidi Labs Information Tableau data-source labels common-regional-groups
  • Mission Groups

    This is a list of UKPRNs against mission groups, useful for building filters. This was created on 2nd August by CETIS. It contains a number of corrections to the Learning...