Workforce Jobs by Industry

This data comprises the quarterly survey of workforce numbers for 20 broad industries . Data tables are available for the UK, the Home Nations, and the English Regions, and give figures for employed and self-employed.

The data is updated quarterly, and is available from 1992 onwards.

License and access

The data is made available for use under the UK Open Government License.

Data Content


The NOMIS website provides an interface for requesting data extracts in a range of formats, including Excel (XLS, XLSX), CSV and TSV. There is also an API for extracting data in XML or JSON format (according to SDMX standard)


Industry is designated as a SIC2007 letter code, enabling it to be linked to sources such as DLHE.


Geography is represented at Home Nation, Region and Geographical area; this can be confusing as many areas are both a nation, a geographical area, and a region and so a simple mapping on the location column can cause duplicates.


The finest granularity is: 20 industries per quarter down to the level of English Regions and Home Nations.

Data issues

Spreadsheet-oriented formats (XLS, CSV) are not well-formatted for processing (sheet layout, no separate identifiers), although TSV is suitable for processing. Well-structured CSV can be obtained via API.

Potential applications

The data is useful in employability scenarios and when looking at planning of provision, particularly in combination with other labour market data sources.

Other Issues

Data isn’t available for block download; a query must be specified before data may be downloaded. The API gets around this since the (RESTful) request URL specifies the query.

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