UK Learning Providers

One of a range of datasets produced by individual university staff for wider public use and published at The UK Learning Providers (plus) dataset is commonly used as an alternative to obtaining UKPRN lookups from UKRLP or HESA, and connecting institutions to other public data sources.

License and access


"We are still waiting for final confirmation of the license for the data from UKRLP.

The data on consortium/groups and linkset to DBPedia and Gateway to Research are CC0, you may use them for any purpose (but a credit is still nice, if possible).

The data on the locations of postcodes is taken from and is subject to their license.

Data from DBPedia was extracted from Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The mapping from UKPRN to HESA IDs is taken from the HESA Website, but no formal license is specified".

Data content

The dataset provides data about HE institutions in the UK, indexed by UKPRN.

Mission Groups

The Learning Providers file contains a Mission Group field for each provider; this is useful, but be aware this is a comma-separated list of various sector groups, not a single group, and that some of these sector groups aren't the kind of "mission groups" you might be expecting.


One of the most popular uses of this dataset is to bring in geographical data linked to learning providers by their UKPRN, for example to calculate distances or support other advanced mapping functions.

Images, Links and Wikipedia

Another common usage of this dataset is for providing links and images - both official and via Wikipedia - for learning providers in dashboards.

Potential applications

The dataset is useful in linking HE institutions to other data sources on the web via their UKRPN.

Data and Resources

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