The Future of Jobs and Skills

This is a collection of data, with analysis reports, which relates to the future of the UK labour market jobs and skills. Data tables are available for the UK, the Home Nations, and the English Regions. Data tables are available for sets of 6, 22, and 75 industries and for “all industries”. The projections include qualification demand by occupation type

Data last released in 2015. Updates appear to be released on a 2 year cycle.

Data Content



Key entities and code lists

  • Geographical region
  • Industry type (6, 22, or 75 category breakdown) - the industries used are based on the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC2007) scheme.
  • Occupation type (9 and 25 category lists) - the occupations used are the major and sub-major groups of the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC2010) scheme.
  • Employee qualification level (mapped to QCF levels)

Data issues

These are workbooks used in developing the reports; they contain a mixture of calculations, data tables, charts, and formatting. Some (derived) data would need to be extracted manually. There are sheets with plain tabular data for the basic historical and predicted statistics, but even these would require some manual intervention. There are no identifiers for members of the vocabularies (industry, occupation, qualification level); these are handled by internal references to rows in the “names” sheet.

Merging detailed data at regional level

An Alteryx workflow on Analytics Labs created by the Cetis team takes the most detailed statistics for each region (75-industries) and merges them into a single dataset; this provides the best structure to join with datasets such as DLHE.

Note that in the regional datasets (the most granular) the "all industries" category is repeated, leading to duplication of data. The Alteryx workflow in Analytics Labs handles this already, but any new workflows need to take this into account.

Scale of Data

Typically 1350 records for each industry, with gender, occupation, employment status and qualification level as the variable attributes. Each record gives counts for each year from 1990.

Heidi Labs Information

Relevance to existing user story (or variation)

US07 (partial) - Director of marketing international student planning

Other indicated actionable insights

This dataset attempts to predict demand by industry and qualification level and would be useful to project-forwards employability,etc, for course and industry-relations planning.

Outstanding Issues

It could take a while to understand the modeling work that went into the predictions, to fully understand their validity and interpretation, but this is documented in a technical report.

Possible Action in the Context of the Jisc Agile BI Projects

Extract the lower-level data into a standard form suitable for processing (do the manual extraction from the spreadsheets).

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