Graduate Labour Market

Graduate labour market statistics provides information on graduate, postgraduate and non-graduate employment rates and earnings for England. This includes a breakdown of employment rates, unemployment rates and gross median annual earnings by different age groups and by undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Graduate labour market statistics is published every quarter, with the set available indicated as July-September 2014, although the data actually goes back to 2006.

License and access

The dataset is made available under the UK Open Government License.

Data Content




Five statistics per quarter since 2006 for each of graduates, postgraduates, and non-graduates in two age bands.

Data issues

Data format

The CSV downloads, which are essentially just the single sheets in the XLSX download, are presented in summary table form (as would be published to print) and require some processing to normalise for BI.

Measures supply, not demand

While a useful measure of graduates in the workforce, the dataset does not give any indication of unmet demand for graduate labour.

High-level categories only

The data uses a small number of high-level categories for occupation and industry, rather than full SIC and SOC coding.

Potential Applications

Can be used as part of a range of other labour market measures for employability, business engagement, and curriculum review.

Tableau data-source label

Graduate labour market 2006-2015

Other Issues

Coverage is England only.

Possible Action in the Context of the Jisc Agile BI Projects

Normalise the data for BI (the spreadsheet contains data processing scripts which imply the raw data may be obtainable)

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